Portland's Best Pole dancing Classes

Pole dancing made for everyone


Masks Required during class

3 students per group class

Sanitized equipment

pole dancing lessons that promise progress

Peng Pole Offers the most authentic and quality pole dancing lessons in the Portland metropolitan area for beginners to advanced levels. Offering professional level, in-studio pole coaching near you!

Dedicated to your success

We take the time to ensure you are well rounded in all things pole related. Ensuring your training is always safe, fun, and progressive. 

Personalized training

Get taken under the wing of a professional pole dancer. We only host small class sizes so you get the attention you need! Train exclusively in a private studio, with pole lessons made by your instructor.

Pole Dancing Classes Made For Everybody

All  Ages • Genders • Sizes

Any Strength, Flexibility Level



Provide the highest quality pole dance lessons available that will aid in your advancement in a safe and effective manner.


To instill in all our students safe, and progressive pole training techniques, and spread awareness of this amazing sport


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