Flexibility COURSES

All Levels Flexibility Stretching Class

Learn safe and effective techniques to increase your flexibility and mobility in this 5 week flexibility stretching class. Your instructor will guide you through a combination of active stretches, passive stretches, and mobility drills. This technique allows students to safely develop their flexibility.  Target areas include the back, shoulders, hips, and legs. Multiple modified forms of each pose/exercise are provided by your instructor, making each class suitable for all levels. By course completion, all students will experience an increase in their range of motion and reach, leading to a healthier mobile body.  






Active flexibility Stretching

Any time we are actively engaging and using one or more muscle groups to stretch another. We are actively tensing or moving our bodies, so these stretches require more effort and can be a great warmup or workout supplement.

Passive flexibility Stretching

Passive stretches involve external forces like the weight of our body pressing us to the floor. These external forces stretch our bodies for us, making for a relaxing pose to rest in.

What Should I bring?

Nothing but comfortable clothes with lots of stretch, and water. We provide all mats, yoga blocks, and other items necessary for the course. You will have access to the gym and gym facilities without needing a membership while taking this course with us. To learn more about our studio, or other courses offered, refer to the links below.  

flexibility stretching class